• To be reliable and sustainable financial company with highest quality loan service in the financial industry of Myanmar.
  • To provide the best financial services in Myanmar, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earning.
  • Be the quality of life through our services; Secure, Trust and Standard.
  • Be the our one trillion yearly transactions starting from 2020
  • Develop and retain highly motivated professional team of employee.
  • To render financial services to people.
  • To provide carrier opportunities.

Global Innovation Finance Company Limited, Non-Bank Financial Institution was established on June,2015 and provide the services of small loan (staff loan),hire purchase, commercial loan and loan term loan with or without collateral and also plan for mobile money payment that will be implemented soon. We offer our products with suitable or reasonable price to help our clients who want to lift their business or financial conditions up.

Global Innovations Finance Company Limited is registered to open by Directorate of Investment and Company Registration (DICA) with the non-bank financial institution Registration Number: 104456960 since 07/02/2013.
And also the Center Bank of Myanmar issued the license No: Ma Bah Ba/F-6/(8)2014 for activation to operate non-bank financial services.